Muscle Testing

Muscle Testing


Muscle Testing is an easy way to ask your body a yes or no question. Your body knows what is good for it, what is wrong with it, why you have PUPPS, what things would help to survive and BEAT your PUPPS. You just need to ask it!

My chiropractor introduced me to muscle testing a few years ago. Once I learned how powerful it was, I wanted to teach myself so I could use it on my own. I now muscle test my family and my friends.

Angela’s testimonial.

My daughter had a rash on her face and none of my care providers knew what it was from. Sheridan was able to muscle test her and determined that it was from carpet. That made no sense, until my husband reminded me she had been coming in our room and sleeping on our carpet at night. We put a sleeping bag on the floor for her and her rash went away!

A few weeks later our daughter was crying all the time. Sheridan muscle tested her, this time over the phone and came up with her having a reaction to a cleaning product. I realized I had started using a new one. I stopped using it and she went back to being her happy self.

Learn how to Muscle Test

The best book teaching about muscle testing which includes different ways to teach yourself how to do it is The Emotion Code.

Here are 2 good You Tube Videos to show you how to muscle test yourself. I will say it looks totally hoakey and if I saw this before knowing it works, it would look really strange. So keep that in mind while you watch. I frankly prefer the book over the videos.

I can Muscle Test You

If you don’t want to take the time to learn how to muscle test yourself, you can call me and I can muscle test you over the phone. This is done by proxy, where I energetically connect with you and test myself for you. Sounds a bit crazy, but it works…

How can Muscle Testing help You?

I can tell you what your body tells me. For instance if there is a new product you are using that is irritating your skin, muscle testing can show that. Or which items on the chart would be best to start with and most effective at helping you survive PUPPS.

**Disclaimer** I am not a medical professional nor a trained therapist. I provide coaching only, and nothing I do is designed to treat, cure, or mitigate any disease conditions, nor substitue for a Doctor’s care.**

FREE Phone Call – limit 10 Moms

E-mail me to set up a time when we can do a phone consultation. Currently I am offering one FREE 15 minute phone call!

Here are some links with more information on muscle testing.

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